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Travel and accommodation

There is a long history of tourism in the valleys around Jotunheimen and Utladalen, and there are many possibilities to get a good night’s sleep and a great meal. Most people arrive by car, but public transport services are available during the summer season and there are some services during Easter.



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Nasjonalparkstyret for Jotunheimen og Utladalen
Statsforvaltaren i Innlandet
Postboks 987
N-2604 Lillehammer
E: sfinpost@statsforvalteren.no



Title Address Description
Jotunheimen nasjonalpark
Jotunheimen, Lom, Norge
2686 Lom, Norge
Gjendevegen 200, 2683 Tessanden, Norge
FJRH+7W Gjendebu, Norge
6877 Fortun, Norge
6877 Fortun, Norge
Vetti Gard
9WFG+WM Teigen, Norge
Avdalen Gard
9V4J+F4 Teigen, Norge
Krossbu Turisthytte
Sognefjellsvegen 4688, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norge
Sognefjellsvegen 4974, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norge
Leirdalsvegen 1440, 2687 Bøverdalen, Norge
Lom Nasjonalparklandsby og Lom fjellmuseum
Brubakken 2, 2686 Lom, Norge
Visdalsveien 1710, 2686 Lom, Norge
2686 Lom, Norge
Fv55 340, 6877 Fortun, Norge
Bygdin, Vang kommune, Norge
Eidsbugardvegen, 2985 Tyinkrysset, Norge
Utladalen Naturhus
Utladalsvegen 3, 6884 Øvre Årdal, Norge
Tyinkrysset, Norge
Otta stasjon
Otta stasjon, Otta, Norge
Vågå skysstasjon
Vågåvegen 37C, 2680 Vågå, Norge
Gjende parkering
Unnamed Road, 2683, 2683 Tessanden, Norge
Gjendevegen 231, 2683 Tessanden, Norge
M/B Bitihorn
Bygdisheimvegen 320, 2953 Beitostølen, Norge

Buses and trains

The Valdresekspressen bus goes from Oslo to Årdal or over Valdresflye to Gjendesheim and Leirvassbu during the summer season. It is possible to send your luggage on the bus if you wish to walk through the mountains with a lighter rucksack!

There is a bus service from Otta to Gjendesheim and over the Sognefjellet mountains to Sogndal during the summer. There are local bus services from Lom to Spiterstulen and Juvass Cabin during the peak season. There is a bus service between Øvre Årdal and Hjelle, near to the Utladalen approach, and via the Tindevegen road to Turtagrø on the Sognefjellsvegen road.

There are trains that leave from Oslo or from Trondheim to Otta. There is a bus service that continues to Vågå and Lom on certain departures.


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Kringom public transport

JVB – Jotunheimen og Valdresruten Bilselskap

Tindevegen road


Mountain lake.

From Oslo Gardermoen Airport and Sogndal Airport

From Norway’s main airport OSL Gardermoen you can take the bus or train to Jotunheimen.
The nearest airport is Sogndal Airport. From there you can take an airport shuttle bus to Sogndal city center. From Sogndal you can take a bus over the Sognefjellet mountains or to Øvre Årdal and Hjelle in Utladalen.

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Parking at Gjende and the Gjendebåten ferry

There is long-term parking at Reinsvangen, 2km east of Gjende. There is a free shuttle bus to the Gjendebåten ferry pier. There is free short-term parking for up to two hours at Gjendeosen.

Book a ticket in advance on the Gjendebåten ferry at gjende.no

Parking information

People waiting for the bus.

M/B Bitihorn – Bygdin

Since 1912, the boat called M/B Bitihorn has been sailing between Eidsbugarden in the west and Bygdin (1058 masl) in the east. The lake is approximately 30 km long and the boat trip takes 1 hour and 45 minutes each way. Halfway across the lake the boat stops at Torfinnsbu.

There are daily services from the end of June to mid-September. There is also the possibility to book charter trips outside of regular services and after the season has ended.

Timetable and tickets

MB Bitihorn at Eidsbugarden.

Snowcat transport and booking a trip

The Jotunheimen Valdres Bilruter snowcat operates a scheduled service between Tyin-Tyinholmen-Eidsbugarden (during the winter holidays until approximately 1 May) and Båtskaret-Bygdin (Easter). They also have alternative transport services.

Tickets and booking



There are very many travel and tourism companies in the areas around the national park, and visitors can choose between hotels and simpler accommodation at camping sites or rental cabins. There is a strong focus on locally produced food and Jotunheimen is known for its almond potatoes, reindeer, sheep and cattle that graze on mountain pastures. The area is also famous for its fresh berries and fruits from the villages around Sognefjorden.

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The National Park Kingdom

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Old photo of Gjendebu.